Uh Ah! Capybara 【Full Game_Chinese Version】updated

Hello, our beloved follower!
We, Capyhaha, the develop team of Uh Ah! Capybara, proudly announce that the completed game (Chinese version) is now released.
Although the team is currently still working on some minor editing of the game, all four romance routes are now available. We are grateful that you hanging in there all these time for us and the game.

We will start the production of English version in no time *ahem* . Stay tuned and see you soon!

Current Version (Aug. 06th, 2017 updated)

Lark-V3  【Full Game】

New feature

  • Amadeus Levitt route
  • New bonus CG for completing all 4 happy endings


  • Story of  Isaac, Lucius and Darren routes
  • Some CGs with minor edits
  • Adjustment in the requirements of Happy Ending of Darren's route

Current status of the game (Chinese Lark v3 ) 【Full Game】

  • Prologue Act 1 & 2 100% completed
  • Isaac Lépine route 100% completed
  • Lucius Constantine route 100% completed
  • Darren Arcos route 100% completed
  • Amadeus Levitt route 100% completed
  • Music & SFX 100% completed
  • UI 100% completed

Note: The  game is currently in Chines.  Stay tuned, we will announce the date to begin the production of the English version soon. [wink]

遊戲版本  ☆完坑☆ 測試版 v3 (Aug. 06th, 2017 更新)


  • 阿瑪迪斯路線
  • 四線全通後可解鎖額外 CG 1 張 (Bonus  CG 共 2 張)


  • 以薩、路希斯和戴倫線故事內容
  • 部分 CG 修改
  • 戴倫線 Happy Ending 門檻條件調整

遊戲完成度  [COMPLETED]

共通線 100% completed

以薩路線 100% completed

路希斯路線 100% completed

戴倫路線 100% completed

阿瑪迪斯路線 100% completed

音樂 / 音效 100% completed

操作介面 100% completed



Uh-Ah-Capybara-Lark-v3-pc.zip 159 MB
Aug 06, 2017
Uh-Ah-Capybara-Lark-v3-mac.zip 144 MB
Aug 06, 2017

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Full English Version, please! :-) I love Chinese games but I don't understand.


congratulations! sadly my chinese is very slow, haha. i can't wait for the english version! :D 加油!